ManBabies – Fun with Photoshop

Too much work has kept me from drawing in the last few days but since you all got such a kick out of the anagram maker post, I thought I would give you something new.

Seems there is a site called The premise is you take a picture with your baby and you switch heads in Photoshop. One of my favorites - Dad?

(Hat Tip to Larry Fire at The FireWire)

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26 Responses to “ManBabies – Fun with Photoshop”

  1. LOL. That is hilarious, I am really laughing my but off on this one. Very funny.

  2. thanks….my stomach is now churning. it looks like runny poop.

  3. Did you two plan your comments? “laughing BUTT off” and “runny poop” b/c I imagine if you laughed your butt off, the poop would be a running.

  4. The guy looks like he’s enjoying his second childhood.

  5. That looks just like me at the last party I went to!

  6. hilarious stuff

  7. Great…my old nightmares were getting so boring.

  8. Great, just great! Another day shot having fun on a photo-alteration site. I blame you, Bearman. I really do. 😀

  9. hah! thats hilarious!

  10. I visited this site and I thought it was hilarious. I’ll have to find a picture to submit 🙂

  11. I have two actually. Two sons. If you can believe it I had a 12lb baby, well technically 11lbs 7oz. Its not only shocking because that is so big, but even more so because I only weigh 90lbs and have never, ever, weighed more than that except when I was pregnant.

  12. Oh lol. No I don’t have one of those. I thought I read to submit a picture and he would switch them for me.
    PS. We don’t know each other that well so I didn’t know if you really thought that was Helen Hunt on today’s birthdays or if you were joking around.

  13. danineteen Says:

    OMG that’s freakin’ hilarious!

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