Guilty Pleasures

Barely Knit Together blog posted this week about Guilty Pleasures (referring to songs, not something else pervs). I made the point that a guilty pleasure should be something you typically would be embarrassed to tell people. For example, the fact that I still enjoy “professional” wrestling would qualify.

Anyway, musically two guilty pleasures of mine are Aqua and Right Said Fred. Now of course you will immediately thing cheesy “Barbie Girl” and “I’m too Sexy” Those a probably the worst songs on their albums. So for your listening pleasure I give you Aqua’s Turn back time and Right Said Fred’s Swan (guess he never made a video of that one). You got any???

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21 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. My musical guilty pleasures are George Michael songs and Tatu (those two Russian lesbian chicks from a few years ago. Or is it lesbian Russian chicks?).

    Television-wise? I’m known to catch an episode of All My Children every once in a while.

    And I read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels faithfully. I’ll hide them behind a Hustler mag when I’m in public, though. That way, people won’t think I’m freaky.

    You’d better not tell nobody all this, y’hear me?!

  2. I like an Abba song (just one, mind you). That’s all I’ll say. (Holding head down in shame…)

  3. Oh my – I really like that Right Said Fred!! I had no idea. What a happy, fun song. I can totally see it. I’m a little ‘meh’ on the Aqua song, but it reminds me of two other oddities I like: ‘Til Tuesday “Voices Carry” and Cyndi Lauper “I Drove All Night.”

    And my toddler loved them both. He showed his appreciation by bopping up and down. Although I’ve found he’s not all that particular about such things. He must get that from his father. 😉

    P.S. Thanks for the link love.

  4. oh there’s nothing guilty about liking right said fred.

  5. Susi Spice Says:

    I confess.. since no one knows me… i like… watching kids cartoons like SpongeBob and Piggly Winks in the mornings as I am getting ready for work… but but but in my defence.. i do watch the morning news program during the ad breaks hehe.

  6. Any Paula Abdul song 🙂

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