Bearman Cartoon: Adam Lambert and the American Idol Finale

I won dinner at Bootsy Collins restaurant because I called this one.   I usually only watch the audition shows of American Idol but with the advent of the DVR, I can watch an entire episode in about 10 minutes by bypassing all the boring stuff.  So it came down to the final three of Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Danny Gockey. 

Kris and Danny had too similar taste in music so I knew that whichever of them got booted, the other would pick up the majority of their votes.  And of course, as usual, I was right. 

While I loved Adam’s singing of Mad World, can you all get off his jock about the arrangement.  He didn’t do it.  He took Michael Andrew’s arrangement from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

5 21 09 Bearman Cartoon Adam Lambert American Idol copy

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24 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Adam Lambert and the American Idol Finale”

  1. Not being an avid American Idol fan, I had no idea what I was getting into watching the finale the other day. The feminine guy cracked me up! He reminded me of a “over-the-top” George Michael (if that’s possible). The other guy – eh – whatever. He could sing. I guess I’m like you – I like it at the begining when they suck, and then I usually turn it off for something with better music, like Barney. America’s Got Talent is my favorite when it comes to talent shows.

  2. I was a huge fan of RockStar (INXs one more than Supernova). It didn’t rely on a popularity contest to determine the winner. Each week the bottom three based on public votes would have a sing off and the judges would determine the person going home that week.

    Idol judges are pretty irrelevant after hollywood week.

  3. The judges are the biggest time wasters on the show, what with Paula struggling for the right vocabulary word and Randy saying “Yo, dawg, check it out” about 256 times per song. And now they have this Kara chick. Ugh. Who cares?

    Great comic, by the way. 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hiya! Well, I am so NOT an idol watcher that the only reason I even know anything about either one of the two finalists is because I went to youtube the morning after the finale to listen to both of them. I really liked Kris’ rendition of Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money”. He was fantastic! I thought Adam’s voice was a bit high for my taste (funny you pointed that out in your cartoon!).

  5. oops…that last comment was mine. I didn’t realize I needed to fill in the blanks. I don’t have to do that on the other wordpress blogs I’ve been to.

  6. I have never seen a single episode of Idol, I am not a snob, we just don’t watch the TV. BTW, I have been meaning to ask if you draw your cartoons on the computer or do them by hand and scan them???

    • Used to draw and then scan. Now I do everything with Photoshop Elements and a Wacom board to draw. Pick a layer and do a rough, then I create a new layer and ink. Copy that layer underneath and use that as a template to color.

  7. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    The prison vote went to Adam. He’s especially popular with car jackers for some reason.

  8. You got another good likeness off, B. The skills are growing considerably. I’m not a big AI fan, but I like to see them get made fun off. 🙂

    Your new logo finally decided to show up on my computer. It was weary from making such a long journey to my office, so I gave it some Kool-Aid and a little chicken broth with popcorn and promptly put it to bed in the guest-room.

    It looks really nice! Good job!

  9. ok. i happen to love adam LAMEbert. Love the guy liner, love the gayness, love the scream.

    la la la la la , i CANT HEAR YOU!

  10. It’s funny someone said they have never seen an episode of American Idol. I have never missed a single episode since it began 8 years ago. I really wanted Kris Allen to win because we all knew despite the outcome Adam would definitely be getting someone to sign him. Great comic up top. I like how you included that tongue of his. He’s going to make some girl very happy….oh wait, he doesn’t swing that way.

  11. I was never going to get this one – I’m outside the target audience. By about five and a half thousand miles.

    Nice drawing though, Bearman 🙂

  12. I didn’t watch American Idol for the last 2 or 3 seasons, but I did check out this season’s finale. I thought Adam would win, but I guess America is ready for someone as himself to be the next American Idol.

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