Intense Debate Comment Threading on blogs

So I am now one of the cool kids. I have been jealous of my friends who host their own blogs that they could have comment threading (sometimes known as Intense Debate) whereby you can respond to individual posts versus at the end.

I just assumed blogs didn’t have that option. Of course I was wrong thanks to a quick review of the support forum and info provided by the member thesacredpath who pointed me to this blog entry from wordpress.

From their post:

Go to Settings > Discussion in your dashboard, and you’ll discover three new options in the “Other comments settings” section:

  • “Enable comments [x] levels deep”
  • “Break comments into pages with [x] comments per page and the [first or last] page displayed by default”
  • “Comments should be displayed with the [newer or older] comments at the top of each page”

With the threaded comments option, you can connect and interact with your readers while easily keeping track of who’s saying what to whom. You control the conversation by setting the number of levels allowed in your comment threads, from 1 to 10. (Ten levels deep means nine replies under each comment — that’s a lot!)

Hopefully in the next day or so, I’ll have another cool announcement that makes your visits easier and more pleasant…in the meantime back to work.


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3 Responses to “Intense Debate Comment Threading on blogs”

  1. The only thing I don’t like about the Intense Debate feature (that yes, I followed the crowd and put on my site as well) is that if you don’t have an icon – it’s just grey. How dull is that? I miss those crazy lookin’ creatures that randomly went with peoples names. I can’t find that option on it. Beyond that though – I guess it’s better. At least replies look like a reply.

    • I don’t know about where you host your blog but on there is an option under the same settings as the comment threading that allows the avatar to show and you can set the default for those without.

      • I tried to restructure my smilies and avatar settings on WordPress, but I think the Intense Debate overrides it now. I still like the leveled replies, though. Plus I love the notifications. Welcome to the club, Bearman!

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