Bearman Cartoon: Mannequin Revisited

I am nothing if I don’t listen to my fan base. The other day I posted a cartoon about the Mannequin controversy at KT’s Barbecue in Cincinnati. Well according to George, Myra, and Ram, my choice of being modest and not drawing nipples would not go unnoticed. (Update: Add Robert J to the list of original requesters.)

And George thought it would have been funny if some kid erased the “M” off “Mass” to make it say “Ass”. I could only think of one kid who could be responsible. George Ford’s own Hank Addanac at AddanacCity.

So for all of you I give you the revamped toon.

5 15 09 Bearman Cartoon Mannequin2 copy

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31 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Mannequin Revisited”

  1. I’m glad I came back in time for the nipples. They look like angry eyes piercing into my very soul. Then again, I haven’t been sleeping much.
    Lovely to come back and catch up after a long absence. It means I get more Bearman for my money.

    • Welcome back WIB. YOu were indeed missed. And before people think I made a mistake not drawing the nipples the same, it was on purpose to satisfy those of you who like different things.

  2. Honestly Bear, I think I asked for nipples first. Still, its a two for the price of one cartoon. Nice.

  3. Think the nipples might be a mistake…? I assumed you’d been lingering at my other site. The one with the nip shots (I knew the piercing would come back to haunt me).

  4. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Nice work Bearman. Always enjoy an update!

    And an interesting deduction about WIB = Nursemyra but I don’t think so…

  5. Aw, man! That is so friggin’ cool! Thanks, Bearman! You’ve captured the epitome of Hank’s behavior problems.

    Maybe I can just write the strip and let you draw it. 🙂 That way I could sit back and really enjoy it like this one. Kudos! Now that he’s in a Bearman Cartoon, maybe Hank will be famous one day instead of infamous!

  6. I don’t know why but that mannequin’s breasts remind me of Petey from the Little Rascals!

  7. No, WIB does not = nursemyra. But she’s sure got our attention now hasn’t she? It’s only my left nipple which is pierced, maybe WIB has the right one done…..

  8. Ram and Myra…I know. But I was thinking what is WIB doing that we don’t know about.

    George…I couldn’t keep up with your output. You must live on a red bull drip.

    Craig…I thought the same thing after I drew them differently.

  9. Love the remake. Adds a lot to it!

    • Maybe I’ll just start a whole new series. For every toon I do, people can say what they think is missing and I’ll make a whole new one. Kind of like a caption contest.

  10. So why is the nipple winking at us? BTW, I still fail to see how this doll managed to drive up the business so much. Do they not have strip clubs in Ohio?

  11. Who told you about the Red Bull I.V. drip?!!!

  12. Nice! What is the mass of those nipples by the way? I believe this to be a fair question.

  13. with your tongue…..

  14. Great answer, Nurse Myra! 🙂

    Yeah…I forgot about the nanny cam, Bearman. At least the aluminum recycling pays for my internet.

  15. I don’t have anything to add for a change. I’m just going to keep right on laughing. Mass to ass and the mixed nipples are just pure genius.

  16. It’s all nipples, all the time.

  17. You are all just a bunch of pervs!!!!

  18. I’m a perv too and I loved the drawing. I appreciate your talent too, even more so because I have none in this respect.

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