Bearman Cartoon: Bar-Be-Q the Organist

Its seems in the small Town of Reading, Ohio (near Cincinnati), Kenny Tessel was having trouble drawing in patrons to his barbecue restaurant (KT’s Barbecue). So he bought a busty mannequin online, named her Bar-Be (Q being her last name), put her in a baseball hat and bikini top and stuck her on the sidewalk in front of his place with a sign.

All of the sudden people were coming in for tasty ribs that hadn’t stopped before. In fact according to Kenny business was up 30%. More on the story here and here. Of course his business went up even more once a couple residents complained and the story has taken on national attention.

So I thought maybe there are other businesses that could use a jolt of new customers using this tactic and came up with my latest editorial cartoon.

5 15 09 Bearman Cartoon Mannequin copy

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13 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Bar-Be-Q the Organist”

  1. Is it not cricket to have nipples in a cartoon?

  2. Tastless can be fun.

    Seriously, that town’s planning and zoning board seems to be just a few shades to the left of being anal retentive.

    I mean, so what if the guy has a relatively anatomically correct mannequin standing outside his front door. Women in bikinis and BBQ in the summer time kind of go hand in hand.

  3. I can see that working. Nothing like a busty mannequin to brighten up a church visit

  4. I can just see some kid painting over the M in Mass. The resulting line will be wrapped around the block. 🙂

  5. bring back the nipples bearman 😉

  6. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Perhaps one nipple. Just to appease the masses.

    Sorry, horrible pun, but I couldn’t resist.

  7. Yeah! We want nipples, Bearman! Big’uns like toothpaste-tube caps. And with….

    Umm….I think I need to go back to sleep.

  8. […] Bearman Cartoons A Hack Cartoonist’s View of the World « Bearman Cartoon: Bar-Be-Q the Organist […]

  9. Oh yeah…I see why the nipples were requested. Quite the improvement on the other pic 🙂

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