Bearman Editorial Cartoon: Manny Ramirez

It seems like Wrestling and Baseball have the biggest issues with performance enhancing drugs. Does it go on as much in other sports and if so, why is it downplayed in the press?

5 11 09 Bearman Cartoon Manny Ramirez copy

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16 Responses to “Bearman Editorial Cartoon: Manny Ramirez”

  1. Well, I would guess there’s quite a lot of it going on in bodybuilding, but that flies so far under the radar that it’s subtly encouraged.

  2. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Golf is notorious…look at John Daly. You don’t get to be that big without help.

    Nice work bearman.

    And I see you’ve gone full tilt on the twitter front. What happened????

  3. Shawn…true but I guess there aren’t the big names in bodybuilding that it is worth the media’s attention.

    Ram…John is big from beer and food, like me. I found twitter in those months you were on the lam and I didn’t have your blog to comment on.

  4. Are you sure you’re not on cartoon enhancing drugs yourself, Bear.

  5. if i took some performance enhancing drugs… would it make me be able to move out of my chair?

    • Robert if I was, maybe I would post my picture instead of a cartoon character.

      Brit…yes but only in the short term. In the long term you would be confined to a wheelchair or in jail for roid rage.

  6. “cartoon enhancing drugs”?

    very apt comment Robert

  7. Cartoon enhancing drug would be great! It’s tough work drawing all day (I average about 6). But the outcome would probably consist of HUGE wrist, which people that don’t know I’m a cartoonist could assume that I’m ‘enhancing’ something else as well.

  8. I use performance enhancing drugs. Only the kind I use don’t make me play better … they just make me care less that I suck!

  9. Another good one.
    I love the WP possibly related posts.

    • Myra…I am a natural.

      Nate…you mean you can’t get a huge wrist without the drugs…so why am I lopsided.

      Craig…were you taking viagra or something else?

      Ericka…I hope they appreciate all the traffic I send to them

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  11. Oooh…that’s a nice comic! Very witty. Can I get some Amy Winehouse, a little Lindsay Lohan, and half a month’s supply of Courtney Love? I can update twice a day then. 🙂

  12. Nice stuff. Steroids are really effective when it comes to genital shrinkage… I’m told.

  13. George…I think with that combo, you would just end up an anorexic alcoholic…not a more prolific toonist.

    Alan…so steroids in cold water is a big no no?

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