Bearman Cartoon: Swine Flu 2

Due to popular demand for Swine Flu Editorial Cartoons (at least according to my search results), here is the second cartoon.  For those who missed the first, you can see it here.

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4 30 09 Bearman Cartoon Three Pigs Swine Flu


18 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Swine Flu 2”

  1. Those swines will get you every time! I’m glad we have a breeze coming from the east today here in Florida. I feel a little safer (although I was craving bacon today – and I guess you can’t get it from that – I still had second thoughts and passed).

  2. I knew that wolf was an illiterate fool.

  3. Funny you say that. That is one of the original ideas I had for this. Pig saying “dumbass never did learn to read.”

  4. simple, yet effective. And like Nate, I too , am craving bacon at the moment.

  5. Swine flu = bearman hilarity.

  6. Porcine humor at last, pass the bacon please.

  7. Hahaha! That’s crazy funny, Bearman! Way ta go!

  8. so the wolf inhaled……

  9. haha. that was funny.

    on a more disturbing note, i’m pretty sure i’m coming down with the swine flu after leaving my house for the first time in 4 weeks.

  10. Both of your swine cartoons were great! Nothing like a swine flu to take the heat off the bird flu, and don’t forget mad cow disease. Next thing we know, fish will start walking on land trying to infect us with walking pneumonia.

  11. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Well done Bearman. Well done. One of my favs so far.

  12. Claire…fish walking on land….isn’t that what some say already happened?

    Ram…good to see you. Internet back up at the prison. You really picked a bad time to go to Mexico.

  13. Masseydude2112 Says:

    OMG thats funny!!!

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