Twitter screws up your relationships

See if my previous post wasn’t enough…USA Today has an article in todays paper talking about how people rely too much on social networks like Twitter and Facebook while ignoring the people sitting right in front of them. 

I love the line:

As it turns out, some celebrity Twitterers — Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Barack Obama — have hired ghostwriters to supply their tweets because they’re just too busy

Come on!  Really!  Are you that impressed with yourself that you need someone else to make your life sound more interesting than it is.  Read the article here.

4 Responses to “Twitter screws up your relationships”

  1. are you saying that you aren’t really the one who’s tweeting your twits?

  2. I always figured that celebrities had their publicists logging in on their MySpaces and Facebooks. Most larger-than-life figures are too busy to spend time doing those things. I barely have the time myself. It’s all I can do just to fit my 18 hours of goofing off into a day.

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