The Gloomers

Sorry I have been a turd about posting and responding to comments this week.

I have been working some things as part of a new project I am contributing to that launches next week.

It’s call “The Gloomers” and is a new “social network” (I know I know, you can’t keep your facebook, linkedin, and myspace pages up to date as it is) and animated webisodes of a family called the Gloomers.  They are kind of a cross between the Simpsons and the Addams Family.  You can see mini webisodes on YouTube .

Now before you get all excited about how cool my animation is…note I have nothing to do with any part of that.  (including the voice overs)

The site launches on April 15 (TAX DAY in the United States) but I hope to give you a sample of some of the stuff I am working on before then, so please bear with me.

8 Responses to “The Gloomers”

  1. Of course we can Bear with you, Bearman! 🙂

  2. Exciting!
    ‘Where Gloom meets laughter’. That’s kind of my mantra.

  3. Cool! Love the retro cartoon style on that!

  4. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    hey I am following Gloomers on Twitter 🙂 there in no about page here

  5. you suck. come back.

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