Zits Animated

No your acne is NOT moving.  Daily Cartoonist is reporting that Zits, the cartoon by Jerry Scott and Cincinnati’s own Jim Borgman has been animated as “audio comics”

There is a YouTube page set up that you can see them.  My only problem is with who does the voices.  Jeremy should sound like  a teenage kid living with his parents, not a 40 year old with a mortgage.


10 Responses to “Zits Animated”

  1. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Yeah, have to agree. Not only are the voices terrible but the voice “acting” is painful.

  2. Maybe you and I should get together and redub it.

  3. My dream of being a narrator is back on. Thanks Bear.

  4. Sounds like some things should be better left unvoiced.

    Scariest part of that strip is that my son can be a dead ringer for Jeremy (including the name and age).

  5. Yeah, not digging those voices…
    I think a bearman and Ram redub is in order. Stat!

  6. i have no idea what this post is about. you cartoon people like live in a whole new world

    • Jelly…you figure out the logistics and I am all for it.

      G…we’ll include your son in our VO b/c I have a feeling Jelly sounds like a 40 year old with a mortgage and I sound like a guy who has inhaled too much helium over the years.

      Brit, if you would click on the links of the posts it might help.

  7. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    I echo that Bearman and Ram should redub it

  8. I’d have to disagree with you guys, I’ve heard the strips being read and have to say that the only dead ringer about this audio comic IS the voice of lead character jeremy. Without understanding the finer nuances you can’t enjoy the humor. I have a young preteen as well and can appreciate the sly sarcastic undertones of the voice over.

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