Bearman Cartoon: Guest Cartoon at Chirag Chamoli

I am happy to be international in that several of my regular viewers are NOT from the United States.  Maybe I am like David Hasselhoff or Jerry Lewis where my talent is appreciated more elsewhere.

Anyway, one frequent visitor is Chirag Chamoli from India.  His blog is  “Indian’s Second Finest News Source, award-winning publication covering every aspect of Indianness and cultural potpourri.”

He asked me if I could draw an editorial cartoon to support an article he was creating called “India 101 – Quick Guide For Indians and Foreigners Alike” which very sarcastiscally outlines many tidbits, personal thoughts and misperceptions of India.

Check out the article now and I’ll post the cartoon here sometime tomorrow.

****** UPDATE ********

Here is the toon:

4 1 09 Bearman Cartoon India


17 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Guest Cartoon at Chirag Chamoli”

  1. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    Ha ha Thanks when I started I wanted to clear the misconceptions 🙂 but then I though what the heck let us first know the conceptions, know thy self kind a stuff 🙂 . Wait for sometime there will be fights in the comments section.

    • Given some of those things on that list…I am sure there will be a fight.

      And what’s up with the new gravatar. I makes you look more professional yet less friendly.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Having been there twice on business, I’m pretty interested in all things Indian.

  3. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    @more professional yet less friendly – That ok 😉 and no one know my home address 🙂 and felt like droping some truth bombs 🙂

  4. Great stop-thru at Chirag’s spot! That was the perfect blend of cartoon humor and text commentary.

  5. haha. considering i dated a slumdog indian millionaire, i do appreciate this post.

  6. Davis..thanks for visiting.

    Chirag just don’t get all high and mighty with that new professional look.

    Thanks George…when Chirag first asked me to do this, I asked him what four kinds of things that he was going to include in his article. As I was waiting for his response, this came to mind. Sure enough both of these were included.

    Brit…you definitely get around…not in a sleazy slutty sort of way I mean. You are just very worldly.

  7. That’s great — as always, of course. You’re an international sensation!

    Looking forward to seeing what you have for us tomorrow.

  8. Shaken not stirred. That’s badass, where do we sign up? Kudos.

  9. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Nice one bearman. England and now India. YOu’re becoming quite the cultural liasion.

  10. Ram…I noticed your new gravatar is you in a prison jump suit (sorry for the rest you can’t see it with this template) Did something go wrong in Mexico?

  11. It’s even better the second time!!!

  12. but what about the curries?

  13. I love this network of bloggers!
    Peeping into each others blogs from time to time… great exchange!

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