The Daily Paul does it again.

I mentioned a few months ago how a guy named Rhino linked to my site from the Daily Paul, the website dedicated to former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.  His linked spiked my hits to a record level.

Well thanks to Rhino, it looks like he has been keeping up on my little crack ass blog and posted this gem calling out their resident toonist Kevin Tuma (it’s not a Tuma) that maybe he has competition.  Rhino sorry, no competition.  His stuff looks good.

Anyway, saw a record number of hits yet again thanks to Rhino and those DailyPaul readers who checked me out…as well as my own usual gang of posters.  Now if I could only get Keith Olbermann or Bill O’Reilly to pay attention (honestly I have no shame)



3 Responses to “The Daily Paul does it again.”

  1. You wait til I mention you on my blog and say you’ve got some pictures of cute kittens on your site. Cats are internet gold, man, internet gold.

  2. Rhino is a moron.

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