Things to do with your photos before you put them on Facebook

Hongkiat has done it again.   I posted earlier about making cartoon characters from your picture based on their blog entry.  Now they have posted a link to 25 Websites to have Fun with you Photos.

I decided to check out Photofunia.  I nabbed the blog image of a couple of frequent commenters here to show you what it could do.  All you  need to do is choose one of your images and where it should go. 

First is our friend Brit from Blunt Delivery.  This photo proves there are weirdos on the net who will do anything when they find your picture online.  Actually the photo from a blogger named Chris Pirillo was one of the options on the site.


Ram’s Food Here blog is a fictionalized humorous account of a convenience store owner.  He has been coming up with Ram Branded products lately so I figure it is only time before he starts making his own money.

ram money

So many more to play with so check them out.

18 Responses to “Things to do with your photos before you put them on Facebook”

  1. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Good Lord Bearman…it’s a dream come true. Thanks!

    I love this kind of stuff. I imagine I’ll spend a lot of time checking out those sites.

    Appreciate the links and the Ram coin (though I always thought I’d look better on a $100)

  2. Funny they have that too. I originally had you on a $100 from this site

    but I liked the coin better.

  3. A fabulous likeness of our good pal, Ram! Nice work!

  4. Alan, I did nothing more than upload his pic to the site. It’s that easy.

  5. Bearman, this site is awesome! I wasted half the crack of dawn playing there (and you know how much I hate wastin’ crack). 🙂 Everyone should fiddle with this site at least once.

  6. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    Bearman, thanks for sharing this, I am going crazy with Photofunia.

  7. hah! thats ridiculous. Oh snap, i know you did not enlarge my face the entire size of you monitor! ahhhh!

    crap like this will take up my entire day. Thanks for showing the websites i shouldn’t go too. Might be fun to use for some of my blogs though.

    thanks for the linkage love.

    • I originally had your face tatooed on David Beckhams abs and then I put you on Angelina Jolies tshirt but since you blogged about a cyber stalker, I liked this one the best.

      And no, I didn’t enlarge the pic. I just cropped your about me pic and it did all the enlargement itself.

  8. oh man, that would have been hilarious. i love making fun of angie. the tatoo would have been pretty funny too. david beckham’s hot.. for a blonde.

  9. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    Will do that 🙂

  10. I’m just havin’ too much fun with Photfunia. I lay the blame at your feet if I can’t get my new strip posted on schedule. 🙂

  11. Bob Garson Says:

    It looks really cool. Picjoke – funny photo effects is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.

  12. […] as listed on bearmancartoons and by Chris Parillo (lower priority as the research and new feature […]

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