George Ford of Addanac City Guest Cartoon

A few weeks ago I highlighted the work of George Ford and showcased the guest cartoon I did for his cartoon strip Addanac City.  Instead of his strip style, I used my typical editorial cartoon style.

George has returned the favor by creating an editorial cartoon for me in his style and using his main character Hank.  I love it.  I can just see Madoff trying to reclaim his fortune by acting like one of those “royal monarchs” that everyone gets spammed with.

George is letting me post it here first before he posts it on his site so go check out his stuff as he is now updating his cartoons SEVEN days a week.  I give him a month before he burns out. (j/k George).

Also be sure to check out George’s Addanac City blog as it has different stuff than the main site (one day he will figure out how to meld the two or I’ll figure it out and be able to tell him but he is more web literate than I so I doubt it)

Click on the picture to get it bigger or you can probably see it bigger on the AC site.

Bearman AC guest strip by George


6 Responses to “George Ford of Addanac City Guest Cartoon”

  1. lol.

    seriously though. how on EARTH do you think you can get by with a scam like that for your entire life?

    i mean. what?

  2. I figure his next step is the scheme from John Grisham’s “The Brethren”.

  3. Yeah, it’s the one with the judges who scam money from behind bars in their posh minimum-security prison/resort.

  4. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Nice stuff. I’ll check out the site.

  5. Chirag Chamoli Says:

    Bernard Madoff is a hero 🙂 I just wish 🙂 He he ha ha …..

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