The Daily Elephant is now Blunt Delivery

For those of you who saw my post on the Daily Elephant a few weeks back, Brit decided to be a little more professional and get off the free wordpress site.  I guess was taken up by a GOP backer so she had to go with her new site called  It is NOT as I questioned, a mail order drug paraphanalia company; rather, just Brits humorous ongoing tirades about life.


6 Responses to “The Daily Elephant is now Blunt Delivery”

  1. haha. gee thanks bearman. now, can i persuade you to stand on a busy street corner holding up a sign that says “I got the blunt delivery hookup?”

  2. thanks for pointing me in her direction. bluntdelivery is a GREAT blog

  3. Soooo…..who’s gonna deliver those blunts I ordered? I mean, the ones my “friend” ordered….

  4. aw thanks nurse… so kind you are.

    george… don’t worry, i got it taken care of. tell your friend to meet me behind the dumpster at noon

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