Bearman Cartoon: Finding the Perfect Job

It’s that time of year that people in Cincinnati start throwing their hat in the ring to run for city council, so I thought given the tough economic times out there this editorial cartoon was fitting.

3 9 09 Bearman Cartoon City Council Job copy


7 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Finding the Perfect Job”

  1. Hahaha! That’s so cold! Hilarious, though.

  2. but won’t you have to wear a tie?

  3. Do I have to actually live in Cincinnati to get this job? If not, I am all over it!

  4. 1. thank goodness you have wordpress, cus i hate having to type in all my info every time i leave a friggen comment. good boy

    2. OR you could get one of those sweet “stay at home and make a minimum of 2k a week” jobs… cus it seems as if that is ALL there is these days. it’s like, seriously, yahoo, can you advertise a real job?

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