Bearman Cartoon: Who Stole the McNuggets

Usually I only do 1-2 toons a week but this one was so timely, it couldn’t wait. I think this has to be one of my favorite editorial cartoons in a while. I love the story of the woman calling 911 three times because McDonalds wouldn’t give her money back when they were out of McNuggets. Now I don’t blame the woman for being pissed but come on…THREE TIMES.

This tells me that we haven’t done a good enough job advancing the use of 311…the non emergency three-digit number to contact the police.

But did they have to drag Ronald into all this.

3 5 09  Bearman Cartoon McDonald McNuggets copy


11 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: Who Stole the McNuggets”

  1. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Very funny. Wasn’t there just a case a couple weeks ago of some guy calling 911 because Burger King was out of lemonade? Good to see the boys in blue being put to good use.

  2. “I’m Lovin’ It!” Funny cartoon, Bearman. I hope they don’t bring Grimace in. He’d fold like a lawn chair.

  3. leavethenuggetladyalone Says:

  4. thats hilarious….

    311? WTF? is that forreal?

  5. urgent care sevierville…

    […]Bearman Cartoon: Who Stole the McNuggets « Bearman Cartoons[…]…

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