Drawing Barack Obama

I am one of those people who have little time for my hobby of drawing because the day job gets in the way.   So typically when I am doing one of my hack editorial cartoons, I am working in Photoshop with my Wacom board.  I wish I had the time to draw things out freehand, scan it and then ink in Photoshop because no matter how used to the Wacom I get, it doesn’t match what I can do with pen and paper.

Anyway, this week I find myself away from my Wacom and have several ideas running through my head.  So far I haven’t really liked how my caricatures of Barack Obama have come out and each one has looked completely different.  So for the past 3 hours I have been doing nothing but drawing Obamas face over and over.  Chin and Ears are easy…its the placement of everything else that just doesn’t seem right from image to image.  I finally got it so it is OK IMO.

Then what happens.  I am surfing the net and come across an article on Cagle Cartoons call “Obama 101” by Taylor Jones describing…HOW TO DRAW OBAMA.  WTF.  How come I didn’t do this first?

 Ehh…I’ll stick with what I got.   To be revealed soon!!!

4 Responses to “Drawing Barack Obama”

  1. I love some barack cartoons. just make sure to make the ears ridiculous.. oh, and the lips dark blue

  2. hi.. thanks all for your info. from http://www.infomixe.blogspot.com

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