Bearman Cartoon: Jim Schifrin’s Abandoned Ship

The Cincinnati Beacon, where I initially started posting my cartoons, has been aglow with attacks on Jim Schifrin who writes a local newsletter called the Whistleblower (See here and here). Personally I never read his stuff unless the Beacon (about yearly) goes after him for his ever apparent racist remarks.

Lately though it seems anyone with political office or political aspirations has been repudiating the things Schifrin writes just so they don’t get put in the same group as him.

Are his supporters telling him to lay off talking about their friendship or abandoning him all together?

2 6 09  Bearman Cartoon Schifrin Supporter Jump Ship


One Response to “Bearman Cartoon: Jim Schifrin’s Abandoned Ship”

  1. Man, that comic says it all right there. I love your wacky sense of humor.

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