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Bearman Cartoon: Guest Toonist on Unemployed Dad

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In a previous post, I talked about the web cartoon Unemployed Dad.  Michael graciously allowed me to be a guest cartoonist and do my typical editorial cartoon take on his characters.

I’ll post it here tomorrow but for now you can see it here.

I have been sufficiently ragged on at the UD website so now I can post it here.

2 27 09  Bearman Cartoon Unemployed Dad 488

My teachers were wrong to punish me.

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I was one of those kids that constantly doodled all around my notebook in class when I was listening to the teacher’s daily boring lesson.  They would always get on me because they thought it was disrespectful as if I wasn’t listening.  They couldn’t understand that it actually helped me retain the information more.

Well now researchers in the UK have proven me right

To all those who taught me in the past, an apology is due as once again I have proven you wrong.

Liz Lomax creates cool Caricature Sculptures

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While perusing, I came across an entry about Liz Lomax.  Rather than the tradition pen and paper caricature, Liz uses clay figures placed against backgrounds that she adjusts in photoshop for the finished product.    Pretty amazing stuff.    Couldn’t get the video to embed her but you can see a video of her creating Oasis singer Noel Gallagher at:

The Making of Noel Gallagher from Liz Lomax on Vimeo.  or

and you can check out her website with more samples of her work.

**** UPDATE *****

Didn’t realize Liz had a blog as well so here it is.

Spiderman the Musical?

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Looks like superhero movies are yesterday.  The start date for Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark on Broadway is set for Feb 18, 2010.  Music and Lyric by none other than Bono and The Edge of U2.  Hey it worked for Elton John so why not Bono.  Besides Disney found new life for its characters on Broadway, so will it be too long before we Superman Cirque Du Soleil?

More on the story here 

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Jerry Dowling Published Book on Pete Rose

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When you think about Cincinnati cartoonists, most people think of recently retired Jim Borgman.  But for those of us who have a Jerry Dowling  original hanging in our house or eat at Arthurs on occassion, Jerry also is a Cincinnati cartooning icon.

For years he worked at the Cincinnati Enquirer and has focused mainly on single panel sports cartoons.  In the past several years, his work can still be seen weekly in the local indie paper City Beat.  He has pulled together his years of doing Pete Rose cartoons – from the Big Red Machine to the Big Ugly Banishment – and put them in a book with baseball writer Hal McCoy called Drawing Pete.   You can read an article about it from co-author Hal McCoy by following this link.

I know you can get it at Amazon (click picture) or at local Cincinnati book retailers.