Unemployed Dad Cartoon Blog

Just starting this blog a few months ago, its nice to see certain people come back and offer comments on different things. If my commenters have their own blog, I tend to go take a look.

One frequent commenter, Michael Freed, has a funny webtoon called “Unemployed Dad” which focuses on the life of hmmmm how do I say this…an unemployed dad.

Now I don’t know if Michael is really unemployed (then again I don’t know how else he could post this much if he had a job) but his blog is worth checking out.

3 Responses to “Unemployed Dad Cartoon Blog”

  1. LOL. I love that cartoon. I’m still giggling.

  2. Thank you Bearman, though the mysterious origin of unemployed dad (how did he become unemployed, why is he still unemployed) remain the subject of much speculation, I can assure you that as I am writing this I am indeed unemployed.

    Also I was bitten by a radioactive spider, which explains the prolific blogging as well.

  3. […] Cartoon: Guest Toonist on Unemployed Dad In a previous post, I talked about the web cartoon Unemployed Dad.  Michael graciously allowed me to be a guest […]

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