Bearman Cartoon: Kevin Bacon bilked by Bernard Madoff

Drew this editorial cartoon after reading on the Huffington Post that Kevin Bacon was one of the unfortunate victims of the Ponzi Scheme of Bernard Madoff. (see here and here for other accounts)

My dad always said to be skeptical of anything that seemed too good to be true. This guy was pulling in unprecedented returns year after year and none of his clients were suspicious. At the very least the lesson learned should be don’t invest all your dough with one entity. Some of us aren’t talented (or lucky) enough to make a couple million for 6 months work on a movie set.

Anyway, those familiar with LinkedIn know that it is a professional networking site. If Bob is connected to Jill, they are one degree of separation. If Jill is connected to Monica, then Bob and Monica are two degrees of separation. It is much like the old college game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. So I figured Kevin might have something to trade for some work.

BTW, Kevin is on Linkedin (at least someone claiming to be him) and I am 3 degrees of separation.

110 09  Bearman Cartoon Kevin Bacon victim of Bernard Madoff


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