Retro Cartoon: Gays vs Felons in the Military

Speaking of Newsweek, in the most current edition they have an article about the potential end (but seemingly unlikely) of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy when it comes to gays in the service.

This was interesting because in 2007 I was reading articles about the number of “Moral Waivers” were on the rise. Essentially someone convicted of a felony could get a waiver to join the military. I found this odd that the military was OK with felons but not homosexuals serving openly in the army, navy, air force, and marine corp. So back then I drew the below cartoon that was published in November 2007 edition of the now defunct Cincinnati Beacon monthly paper.

Gays vs felons in the Military


3 Responses to “Retro Cartoon: Gays vs Felons in the Military”

  1. william Says:

    How is using one group of people as cannon fodder to promote your point of view of discrimination any different? Felons are people too.

    • You are right. Nothing in that cartoon states that felons shouldn’t be considered for military duty after paying their debt to society. However, there seems to be a disconnect when the government is willing to allow special deferments for someone who has commited a felony but not for someone who just happens to be gay.

  2. william Says:

    I agree. Its unfortunate our country still discriminates in the name of society.

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