Newsweek Magazines Best 2008 Editorial Cartoons also sucks.

In case you missed my post about editorial cartoonists not happy with Time Magazine’s pick for top editorial cartoons of 2008, now it is Newsweek’s turn.

The Daily Cartoonist reports that Association of American Editorial Cartoonists president Ted Rall has now penned an even stronger letter to Newsweek Magazine for their picks of Best cartoons of 2008.

a. Rall seems more irritated that Newsweek would continue to print “safe” cartoons rather than controversial or more thought provoking. But this is an argument to make about all the cartoons they run throughout the year not just their “best of” because,
b. Newsweek seemed to only pick from what cartoons they ran during the year so it only seems right that those would be the choices.
c. With all the cartoonists being put out of work, isn’t it nice someone is still printing anyone’s work?

The article doesn’t link to Newsweek’s choices so I am providing it here.

Newsweek Magazine Best Cartoons of 2008

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