Bearman Cartoon: 2012 and the End of Days AGAIN

Daryl Cagle has coined the term “Yahtzee” to refer to when 5 or more editorial cartoonists do the same gag. One he has ragged on in the past is using the “I’m with stupid” shirts on a cartoon. I have no idea who he is referring to..he he. In honor of that, I like to coin my own new phrase “Blue Ribbon.” When a cartoonist is the first to latch onto a new topic.

I did a 20 second search of google and haven’t found anything poking fun at the next set of conspiracy theory doomsday predictors – 2012. I saw the movie trailer this past week and thought it was well done. Then I made a trip to the bookstore and noticed all the books on the subject (even one that is a How To Survive 2012 book).

The basic gist is that there is a belief that because the Mayan calendar ends in December of 2012 that somehow they predicted the end of the world. One theory is that we will have a major catastrophe caused by the shifting of the North and South poles. I have even heard Nostradamus’ name thrown out. Didn’t he predict the end of days before during the turn of the century…didn’t come true. Sadly I think this will become worse than Y2K.

So if you see a 2012 editorial cartoon online somewhere that was published before mine, let me know and I’ll gladly hand over my Blue Ribbon.

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12 Responses to “Bearman Cartoon: 2012 and the End of Days AGAIN”

  1. Bearman Cartoon: 2012 and the End of Days AGAIN « Bearman Cartoons…

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  2. […] Bearman’s site to see the cartoon in its original size) Share and […]

  3. manifestingabundance Says:

    You make some interesting points. I agree. Wow, a picture does cover 1,000 words. Great job. Check out

    December 21, 2012 and Nostradamus have been scaring people on the History


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  4. Interesting, I’m scanning through a discussion of 2012 on Craigslist Rants and Raves and your cartoon is perfect. If I weren’t violating your copyright I’d post it for the crowd to see. GOod work, maybe you can throw in a reference to the Zeta people from around 1999. They feared the arrival of Planet X and it was going to cause all sorts of nasty things here on Earth.

  5. Thanks Tom. You can still feel free to link to it here if you want.

  6. This is a good cartoon! The guys over at seem to be capitalizing on this frenzy too! LOL!

  7. Trunk…”the guys”, you mean you and the guys at. Its OK, I don’t mind you promoting your site…just send your friends here. ha ha


    WORLD WILL NEVER END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. […] Bearman Cartoon: 2012 and the End of Days AGAIN « Bearman Cartoons […]

  10. […] Source: Youtube user CGPGrey Image Source: Bearman Cartoons Share and Enjoy: Quick Shots   2012, Apocalypse, End of the world      […]

  11. Exelente informaciĂłn,felicitaciones y sigan compartiendo.

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