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Bearman Cartoon: American Idol Send in the Clowns

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1 29 09  Bearman Cartoon American Idol

I am one of those people who only watch American Idol during the Audition Show. It’s painfully obvious the types of singers that go through.

A. Sing a slower song because…
B. 95% of the people they choose over do the vibrato in their voice.

In the past two weeks two contestants Rebecca Garcia and Naomi Sykes were called out because one of the judges thought their audition was a joke reducing the poor girls to tears. I am not the only one to notice. Vote for the Worst website, that pokes fun at the tactics Idol producers use, caught this.

There are plenty of good singers who don’t make it through because they pick a bad song and plenty of ok ones that make it through because they made better song choices.

Personally I liked Rockstar INXS and Supernova because they had people pick vote each week and the bottom were put on the block for the judges to boot off…so there was at least some semblance of who had talent.

Anyway, back to Idol, I don’t get why some people are so upset when they get booted. Don’t their friends and family tell them they aren’t that good. I think they should all get credit for having the guts to audition but do they think they will get a trophy like they did when they sucked at soccer as a kid just for showing up??


Retro Cartoon: Fuck Global Warming

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As I am nursing my back from shoveling snow and preparing to shovel ice and snow today, it reminded me of a cartoon I did back in 2007 when it was hot as hell out. I know, I know…they don’t call it Global Warming anymore…it is now “Climate Change.”

8 24 07 Global Warming Bearman cartoon.

Bearman Cartoon: Rob Blagojevich = Gandhi??

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According to several sources (Huffington Post, NBC, and LA Times), current (but probably not after this week) Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich invoked the name of those he seems to put himself on par with.

Reflecting on his feelings about his arrest on December 9, Blagojevich told NBC, “I thought about Mandela, Dr. King and Gandhi and tried to put some perspective to all this and that is what I am doing now.”

So with this editorial cartoon and his visit to “The View”, I thought I would give a little more perspective to Mr. Blagojevich.

110 09  Bearman Cartoon Blagojevich is like Ghandi

Unemployed Dad Cartoon Blog

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Just starting this blog a few months ago, its nice to see certain people come back and offer comments on different things. If my commenters have their own blog, I tend to go take a look.

One frequent commenter, Michael Freed, has a funny webtoon called “Unemployed Dad” which focuses on the life of hmmmm how do I say this…an unemployed dad.

Now I don’t know if Michael is really unemployed (then again I don’t know how else he could post this much if he had a job) but his blog is worth checking out.

Bearman Cartoon: New way to bailout the Banks

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As the banking industry continues to stumble given the latest earnings reports, their stock takes hit after hit. I thought at what point could I just take my meager earnings and buy one of them out. End result…this editorial cartoon.

1 23 09  Bearman Cartoon Buying Banks

Obama Presidency Cartoon by Michael Leunig

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It is a frequent occurrence that I get an email from someone I know with a cartoon attached that they think is funny. Too many times there is no reference to the original artist or their website. I’ll post soon as to what this could mean to intellectual rights of cartoonists.

I got this cartoon this week due to the inauguration that was done when Barack Obama was elected..


Once again there wasn’t any indication of the cartoonist except for their signature.

So in honor of the inauguration and a cartoonist getting full credit for his work, here is the link to his site – Michael Leunig, a well known artist from Australia.

Bearman Cartoon: Kevin Bacon bilked by Bernard Madoff

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Drew this editorial cartoon after reading on the Huffington Post that Kevin Bacon was one of the unfortunate victims of the Ponzi Scheme of Bernard Madoff. (see here and here for other accounts)

My dad always said to be skeptical of anything that seemed too good to be true. This guy was pulling in unprecedented returns year after year and none of his clients were suspicious. At the very least the lesson learned should be don’t invest all your dough with one entity. Some of us aren’t talented (or lucky) enough to make a couple million for 6 months work on a movie set.

Anyway, those familiar with LinkedIn know that it is a professional networking site. If Bob is connected to Jill, they are one degree of separation. If Jill is connected to Monica, then Bob and Monica are two degrees of separation. It is much like the old college game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. So I figured Kevin might have something to trade for some work.

BTW, Kevin is on Linkedin (at least someone claiming to be him) and I am 3 degrees of separation.

110 09  Bearman Cartoon Kevin Bacon victim of Bernard Madoff