Donating to the Freestore Foodbank

Looks like several Cincinnati based blogs are challenging each other to have their readers donate the most money to the Freestore Foodbank (a local organization that provides food and clothing to those in need). See The Cincinnati Beacon, The Cincinnati Blog, and County Commissioner David Pepper’s Blog.

Given that I have started archiving my toons here, I put out my own challenge to the bloggers. The first ten blogs that link back to my site in their blog roll, I will donate $20. Just email me if you do. Hoping to be able to donate $200.

2 Responses to “Donating to the Freestore Foodbank”

  1. bearmancartoons Says:

    The Cincinnati Blog has linked to here as well as the Grumpy Geek ( Please keep it up. Room for more.

  2. […] While looking for some of my favorite charities to donate to online (including paying up on my challenge for the Freestore Foodbank, I came across the site Charity Navigator, which heralds itself as […]

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